Rested Edge Advisory celebrates its 4th anniversary with a brand new website, with a dedicated One Dream Initiative page. Please visit the new website here!!one-dream-initiative/ca4p

Difference between a Great Life & an Exceptional Life …

… is the Difference One makes to Society

Rested Edge Advisory will apportion 10% of all professional fees earned and collected to improve Charity and Society. A special “piggy bank” (read: bank account) will be created for this noble purpose.

This is what Peter Ong has always wanted to do, in his own small way, to make Singapore a much better place for all, with higher economic and emotional well-being enjoyed and experienced by all, and Rested Edge Advisory allows him, his family & friends this wonderful opportunity.

Rested Edge Advisory encourages its clients to do the same.

At the contractual stage of every project, Rested Edge Advisory will advocate its clients to match its 10% contribution to its Charity and Society “piggy bank”. Monies from this “piggy bank” and how they are used for Charity and Society purposes will be voluntarily and fully accounted for, and this information will be shared by Rested Edge Advisory with all its clients annually.

Since its creation, all of Rested Edge Advisory’s programs & services have been and will continue to be made available at a special 1/2 of stated fees for any client belonging to the NPO, VWO, Education and People sectors. 

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